Tennis club the point

Our Programs

Tennis club “The Point” offers you a variety of tennis lessons, depending on your age, goals, and preferences.  Our team can guide you through the process of choosing your tennis program, which includes: types of tennis lessons, number of times to train per week,  appropriate equipment, nutrition advice, etc.

Individual Training

Individual training is the type of tennis practice in which you have the full attention of your personal coach. It is perfect, not only for beginners but also for players who want to develop their game. For more information, check the classes page.

Group training

The group training is composed of 2 to 4 people plus one coach, who constructs and leads the lesson. It is perfect for spending some time with your friends/ family colleagues and being active together.  You can either book a group training with your relatives/friends/colleagues, or you can join a group and meet new people. Check the  classes page for more information.

Train with a tennis machine

Playing against a tennis machine is like playing against a wall, it always beats you, but makes you stronger. The tennis machine is a perfect way to improve your drills on the court. It has multiple settings(interval, speed, spin, drill combinations..) that can make the practice harder or lighter if needed.  For more information, check the classes page.


“I made my first steps in the tennis world thanks to the support and motivation I received from the team of tennis club “The point”. There is professionalism, absolute dedication, and various studying methods in each training. The care and the wonderful emotions managed to ignite my interest and passion for this sport.

As for Ivona Seizova, I see her not just as a coach, but a person,  who is truly dedicated in her vocation.

I am thankful for the individual approach, for the great patience, for the enormous diligence, as well as, for the smile you make me have when coming on tennis court. Training with you is a one of my favourite moments! I believe, everyone else will feel the same!

Zhivka Popatanassova

Journalist, Bloomberg Tv